G.A.T.A. IV Places 3rd in a 20 Year Old Classic

A “Battle” defined by Webster’s as a fight, to enter into a conflict

G.A.T.A. IV competed in the 20th Anniversary of the "Battle of the Alamo" tournament for the fourth straight year. Having won in 2006, and placed 3rd in 2008, G.A.T.A. IV was looking to win again in a year that placed the team on the younger side of the combined age division (8th grade and freshmen).

G.A.T.A. IV started tournament play by defeating a 14U San Antonio Stars team. The game was clinched in the first 4 minutes of the contest allowing the G.A.T.A. IV reserves to close out the game. The Stars, a first year team appeared too tentative, which made it easier for G.A.T.A. IV to jump to that early lead. Also, lack of experience was a huge factor for the Stars, which at times appeared to do some fundamentally sound things.

Moving on to the next opponent, G.A.T.A. IV would again face the San Antonio Spartans, a team that had already split with G.A.T.A. IV in an Austin tournament earlier this month. This time G.A.T.A. IV would not allow this sharp-shooting team to dictate G.A.T.A. IV’s defensive schemes. G.A.T.A. IV stayed in the winner’s bracket sending the Spartans to the loser’s group.

In the next round G.A.T.A. IV would face its first 15U freshmen team (eventual tournament winner) the San Antonio Outlaws. This game went down to the wire with G.A.T.A. IV struggling to gain any respect from the refereeing staff (which seemed to be more worried about us not having numbers on both side of our jersey’s) to making the right calls. At times when G.A.T.A. IV appeared to gain an advantage or was making a small run the referee’s would allow the game to get very physical, which would play to the Outlaws advantage. G.A.T.A. IV ultimately would play for the last shot to force overtime but does not convert.

G.A.T.A. IV heads to the loser’s bracket to play a back-to-back game against another 15U freshmen team, the San Antonio Wolverines’. With no time to rest G.A.T.A. IV quickly takes control of the game by going on a 12 to 1 run in the first 6 minutes of the game. G.A.T.A. IV led wire-to-wire and heads to the semi-finals.

Playing for a final’s bid, G.A.T.A. IV would face a talented and well coached 15U San Antonio Flames team. G.A.T.A. IV controlled the tempo throughout the entire game expanding its lead to as much as ten points. G.A.T.A. IV runs out of gas and loses the lead for the first time with less then 2 minutes left in the game. G.A.T.A. IV again would play for the last shot to win or tie and does not convert. G.A.T.A. IV takes 3rd place in a field that included 20 teams both 8th graders and freshmen’s.

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