G.A.T.A. IV Competes in it's First Tournament in 7 Months and Places Third, March 7-8, 2009

G.A.T.A. IV begins it's summer tournament season by participating in a tournament latent with talented teams. Not having played since returning from AAU Nationals (August 2008), G.A.T.A. IV was definitely looking to see how it would measure up to the competition. With four new additions to the line-up G.A.T.A. IV was looking to see how the new players would integrate with our 6 returning players. Not trophy hunting G.A.T.A. IV looks to test it's new player rotation to see if our new recruits would bring something new to G.A.T.A. IV's team effort.  

G.A.T.A. IV's first game of the tournament featured a new look San Antonio Spartans, much more athletic and guard oriented team running a weaver offense with very good perimeter shooting, The Spartans kept the game very close but ultimately fell short losing to G.A.T.A. IV by 6. In the second game G.A.T.A. IV faced a very well coached Austin Rampage team. The Rampage got off to a slow start and fell behind by 10 points. G.A.T.A. IV's player rotation gave the Rampage the opportunity to close the gap and  ultimately taking a lead into halftime. Looking to try to regain the lead G.A.T.A. IV starters began the second half and closed out the game by a 13 point margin.

Seeding second to the Rising Stars, G.A.T.A. IV plays the Capital City Tigers. A well coached big team, G.A.T.A. IV takes control of the game early and never lets go and wins by a large margin. Moving on to the Semi-finals G.A.T.A. IV faces the San Antonio Spartans again. This time the Spartans played with a high level of intensity and jumped on G.A.T.A. IV early and never looked back. Spartans beat G.A.T.A. IV ending our tournament run. G.A.T.A. IV proved that playing 5 games in two days can be very difficult if you have not played in 7 months.  Three words to describe our findings "Conditioning, Conditioning and Conditioning! 

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