About GATA Basketball

The G.A.T.A. basketball program was established by the late Coach Robert Johnson in 1989 and has produced five generations of outstanding players. G.A.T.A. teams have earned a top-ten ranking at all levels of Amateur Athletic Union (A.A.U.) league and tournament play. The G.A.T.A program has developed successful student-athletes who have gone on to play all divisions of collegiate basketball, graduated with a variety of degrees, and gone on to become productive adults.

In 2006 Coach Robert Johnson and Bob Benavides joined to reestablish the G.A.T.A. (“Get After Them Aggressively”) Basketball Organization. This next generation of G.A.T.A. teams features elite San Antonio players.

G.A.T.A. was originally built on the principles of hard work, determination, loyalty, integrity and honesty. The program focuses on the development of solid basketball fundamentals and a sound understanding of offensive and defensive principles. G.A.T.A. is more than just a basketball program; it is a philosophy which emphasizes utilizing God-given academic and athletic gifts as vehicles to success. This new era of the G.A.T.A. program will be led by outstanding line-up of coaches (see Coaching Staff). This NEW GENERATION G.A.T.A. teams will participate in various leagues, local and regional tournaments, as well as participate in National Tournaments.

We are excited about this new generation of G.A.T.A. basketball teams.